Why does the paper jam when it has been raining?

Why does the paper jam when it has been raining?
February 1, 2018 Shane O'Brien

Why does the paper jam when it’s been raining?

Why does my paper come out curled?


A paper jam is generally caused by the humidity in the air (an issue for us in the tropics) which causes the paper to become damp and retain moisture. When the paper goes through the hot part of your MFD, the moisture is very quickly removed from the paper and as such will cause your paper to curl. Jamming is commonly caused by the curled piece of paper trying to go through parts of the machine designed for flat paper.
Ways to fix this are not buying paper in bulk and letting it sit for a long time, or buying a paper warming cabinet to store your paper. It is also a good idea to only open a ream of paper if you are going to use it all to fill the paper tray. Try not to leave open packets of paper out for any period of time.
By following these simple tips you can save your business valuable time and money.

If you think your problem may not be related to the weather, drop us a line here and our highly trained service team will be able to help you.