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Human Resources
September 22, 2021 Shane O'Brien
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Human Resources


Regardless of what industry you’re in, people are your most valuable asset. Human resources professionals want to spend their time on people, not on manual or repetitive paperwork. Upstream provides HR automation solutions that can free up your time to focus on people instead of processes.

Managing human resources processes more effectively

Throughout organisations in every industry, digitalised processes are helping save time and money, reduce employee frustration, and streamline workflows to deliver untold efficiencies.
The human resources department is no different. By digitalising processes and workflows, your HR team can deliver a better service to employees, maximise HR compliance, and save on costs.
Here are some of the ways you can achieve this with Upstream:

replace expensive physical storage with digital capture and storage of unstructured documents
eliminate costly lost documents by capturing, tracking, and managing HR documentation digitally so you can access them at the touch of a button
speed up employee on-boarding and employee induction with customised templates and predetermined workflows
speed up approvals and avoid clashes with leave approval software that puts employees in more control
automate complex processes to easily meet HR compliance requirements
conduct employee competency evaluations more effectively with easier, faster access to all the information you need
simplify OH&S incident management with compliant workflows and fast access to information
manage mandatory learning modules and staff qualifications and licenses








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Reducing the cost of inefficient human resources practices

Document management, done manually, takes time and costs money. For example, PwC found that it costs US$25,000 to fill one three-drawer filing cabinet, followed by approximately US$21,000 per year to maintain it.
Finding a lost document costs up to $122 and 7.5 per cent of company documents are lost completely, which means they need to be recreated or the information they contain is lost altogether.
Searching for documents can take up 20 per cent of employees’ time.
These statistics are worrying because, in today’s fast-paced environment, businesses just don’t have the time or the money to spend on these inefficiencies.
Working with Upstream, you can avoid these costs and dramatically increase your human resources team’s efficiency with tailored HR solutions that cover:

employee on-boarding
leave approvals
OH&S incidents management
employee competency evaluation
staff learning and qualifications
and all aspects of HR compliance

To find out just how much you could save, and how your people could benefit, contact us today.