How you can save on printing costs

How you can save on printing costs
February 1, 2018 Shane O'Brien

Want to know how you can save on printing costs?

Small businesses are often looking for ways to save on printing costs, and for many, a major concern is the actual cost of printing. The truth is that many businesses spend more money than they need to on printing purely because they don’t know how to control costs. Unnecessary printing costs can come from personal printing, lack of training or outsourcing printing. All businesses want to be able to save money, regardless of the area.

Fuji Xerox Business Centre Cairns can help you to reduce your printing costs by reviewing your current setup.

Older printers typically cost more to run, and newer devices have higher yield toners and relatively lower running costs. There is a quantifiable cost of doing nothing, and that’s paying more than you should for consumables. A common tactic businesses use to save money is by sourcing cheap consumables. However, the reality is that non-genuine toners can cost your business much more in the long run. From lower page yield to machine downtime, loss of productivity and damage to your device, non-genuine toners are in fact much more expensive in the long term, and certainly not worth the ‘cheaper’ outlay. Fuji Xerox Business Centre Cairns can audit your current printers and copiers to give you a “current state”, and also provide you with projected savings based on newer devices with lower running cost. This gives you a baseline from which to work, in addition to the productivity, efficiency and workflow benefits that a new device offers.
Our expert sales team are here to help you save money for your business today. Drop us a line by clicking here, let us know what you need, and leave the rest to us.

“We look forward to helping you save on printing costs.”